Broadway’s latest hit can send a message to movie industry


Hamilton appears to be everywhere and going where other musicals haven’t gone before.

Hamilton is based off the true life of Alexander Hamilton, which should be a historically a white cast  and there is an Asian as the leading woman. Orginally Phillipa Soo was told she would need to be change her last name or else she wouldn’t get cast. You know how that portrays the racism in Broadway. But Broadway has always been ahead of hollywood in diversity. Les mis etc. Here’s the thing- the casting directors were actively searching for a diverse cast. Voila Davis when she won for her role in How to Get Away With Murder she said ” the only thing separating people (especially women of color ) is opportunity. People cannot win awards for roles that simply aren’t there. Already a grammy award winning musical,  it’s sure to be a Tony award winning musical after being nominated. Even for casting calls- they are even considering a female aaron burr. Though Hollywood has movies ( tyler perry, roles for all races)- the problem is people don’t see actors of color as well like in hamilton as leaders like president etc. Often movies that are star leading people of color talks about their struggle. ( Miss Saigon)-These stories are so important and vital and need to be told, especially if we want to open minds and teach others about other cultures. But it’s important to realize people of color, are more than our struggles and the trials we’ve encountered- they’re leaders, they are mothers and fathers, and lovers, or people with disabilities, non cis, etc.

“If you watched the Oscars, the word ‘diversity’ seemed to mean black and white. That was it,” said Takei, reached by phone Tuesday morning. “We were absolutely aghast to see they compounded that by having a joke about Asian American children. How insensitive and how ignorant.”

Eliza and  her sister Angelica portray both historically accurate women though they don’t break that “role”- they continue to use these characters and make it known that perhaps the story was about Hamilton but they weren’t just sitting on the sideline.






Once Upon a Time


There has never been a show that has played a significant part of my life as Once Upon a time has. Since October 2011, I’ve watched every episode no more than a day after it has originally aired. As a lover of fairytales, the premise intrigued me, for they retold the stories that I, and so many others, loved.

Since my sophomore I admittedly had become a self proclaimed “Oncer”, reading fan fiction, dressing up as characters for halloween ,buying merchandise. But more important the welcomed me into a community both online and offline where I was able to connect with people due to this common interest. Eventually so many of these connections led to friendship, and almost of them were members of the LGBTQ And as I’ve grown up with the and have continued friendships with a handful of friends I was able to meet, we’ve all been able to learn to criticize Once Upon a Time, not only from a writer’s perspective, but as someone who stands for representation in the LBGTQ community and Intersectional feminism.

Despite the show quality admittedly continue to watch Once Upon a Time, for i have grown an attachment to the characters and find that it can still inspire my Disney loving self that happy endings aren’t always what we think they are.

And as the show  continues I myself will watch each episode, live tweeting about all the episodes  because the show continues to give me a sense of hope and belonging

I keep this show in my heart and on my DVR and I refuse to let anyone else tell me the quality of the show isn’t good enough for me to watch anymore.

The way I see it the show, despite being problematic show, it makes me happy, and I don’t think that anyone should have the ability to take this show away from me


Magic in the Making

Being a cast member, I find that it can sometimes be difficult to keep the magic that made me fall in love with the resort
However while playing in the park today, I was reminded that cast members truly are given a chance to create magic in the just smallest of ways
My friends and I were eating dinner at the Plaza inn, and we a saw CM by the name of Moses bringing a free cake to a girl for it was her birthday. I noticed he had a Disney Legacy name tag and congratulated him on that honor. He was so humbled though I’m sure he hears that all the time. He asked for my name, as well as my friends, then ran to the back to get us all a huge selections of buttons.
But his magic didn’t stop there- he then pulled a harmonica out of his pocket and got everyone in the restaurant to sing and clap along to his melody. When he was done playing he ran backstage one more time and grabbed flowers to give to the little birthday girl and to me and my friends as well.
The job is not always easy, but it’s cast members like Moses who remind me how truly lucky I am to be working here


One day is Finally Here

I wrote several years ago my happy place was going to be me sitting in Central Park, watching the world go by as I would observe and write all about it. After my acceptance into Marymount Manhattan College, I counted the days until I would walk into the wonderful and glorious city that I had spent my whole life dreaming about. However, my dreams got put on hold as I had to turn down my invitation to the school of my dreams.

Often since then I wondered if I would ever find my way to the city of my dreams. Lately I’ve fallen in love with life and everything surrounding me I haven’t had time to be sad over being here instead of there. About a week ago, my mom asked me if I would like to join her for a wedding for her distant relative that was going to be in New York.

Multiple times my family has told me they plan on going to NYC, or even allowing me to go on a trip with a few friends, and every time I have been let down. But this time the plane tickets are bought and the hotel reservations have been made.  Now I find myself back in the daydream of living in the greatest city in the world and making my career and the rest of my future in New York.

With the trip getting closer, I fear, that this city that I’ve already fallen in love with, isn’t going to be everything I’ve made it out to be. I fear I’m going to come home full of disappointment, in search of perhaps of a new dream.

Though, I’m sure the moment I step onto the streets, I’m going to fall absolutely in love, and it’s going to break my heart to live.

Love it or hate it one things for sure: My success, my happiness and the difference I want to make in this world isn’t going to be determine by the city I live in, but the actions and the work I put into my daily life. West coast or East coast, whatever my home decides to call home, I will continue strive for what I believe is right. That one day is finally arriving, but I shouldn’t have waited this long for it to happen.