Find Happiness Right Where You Are

Yesterday I rang up a family who absolutely touched my heart, and I know I needed to share this.

A couple came up to the register in Elias. They had a son, who couldn’t be any older than 4, in a stroller. They were holding an Ariel bubble wand, and I was expecting them to ask if we “had any boy ones.” But they seemed content with the Ariel one. It was towards the end of the night and the couple was trying to get their son to get out of the stroller or at least say hi, but I knew he was tired.I asked the him if he wanted me to set it up, and his face lit up with excitement. I started to tell him how much I love Ariel. He was a little shy, so his parents told me how much he loved Ariel too .
I said ” Ariel has always been my favorite, however I have to say, I now have so much love for Moana, she could be my new favorite”

They said Moana was his favorite too and ask him to get out of the stroller so he could show me that he was wearing Moana’s dress. He was so incredibly happy showing it off. The couple also said how much people had been staring at him all day. Without hesitation I said ” They’re staring because we’re sold out of Moana’s dress, so they’re probably all wondering where you got such a great costume. After all Moana is super cool, who wouldn’t want to wear her dress”
I continued to set up the bubble wand, and came from behind the counter so I could hand it to him and show him how to turn it on. He started jumping around with the bubbles before I even go a chance to give it to him”
Looking at him at I said, “you know, if you think about it, Moana and Ariel would be really great friends, make sure you give both of them a big hug for me okay”
As the couple left, they thanked me for spending time talking to their son and for telling him it’s okay for boys to like princesses

After this transaction I had to step away for a brief moment because I had started tearing up a little bit. Anyone who follows me on social media knows I’m unapologetic when it comes to my stance for equality. To me, I didn’t feel like I was doing anything special; I was just doing exactly what I try to speak up for everyday- I was being myself. I realized they were thanking me because of the amount of judgment they must receive from the world, but in reality I wanted to be thanking them. Especially in today’s modern world, it becomes hard to see love and acceptance when society is filled with so much hate. They touched my heart more than I could have touched theirs, because to me it is people like them that carry the hope for the future. I saw nothing but absolute happiness from this family, and here’s to the couples like them- to the ones creating a generation of love, compassion and acceptance, and just letting kids be the natural loving kids they are meant to be.
Love wins. Love will always win