Hi, I’m Jaymeann ( Jay- me- anne). Please don’t ever call me Jayme, though some of my friends call me J.

I’m currently taking a GAP year, however I am a student California State University Fullerton where I’m studying Sociology and English.

I’m super passionate about Intersectional Feminism and believe in fighting for a world of equality for everyone. My goal is to use my voice to educate and spread awareness of the importance of feminism. My journey as a feminist has been a long one and I’m always trying to grow; to put it simply, I try to live my life by the quote ” Always be a little kinder than necessary”

My intentions with this blog are to  keep it as a writing portfolio for the future and to write about my own life experiences whether it be what’s happening currently in my life or in the world, in hopes that maybe I can start conversation or even inspiration among people. I even plan to write sometimes about what’s on my mind; I hope to be the person I needed in my life at one point because maybe that’s what someone could use right now.

Oh and I’m obsessed with Once Upon a Time and musicals- There’s just a little fun fact I feel like everyone needs to prepare themselves for.



Keep moving forward.


*My opinions are my own!!!!!!!

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