So Much Better

Like most, I grew up bouncing back and forth between the different paths or potential careers I might have one day. However, one thing was always extremely clear. I loved school. I loved school so much that nobody had to tell me I needed college like most adults do with preteens. By 11-years-old I already … More So Much Better

11 Days

January always moves so slow for me. 11 days into the new year have already worn me out, reminding me how easily drained I feel at the end of the day. I find my typically fast paced lifestyle is able to breathe with the slowness of January. My mind is able to think as the … More 11 Days

The Trolley Boy

A Christmas gift for Thomas He walks over in a slow manner, still tired from the day before. The people before had not been so kind, but today was another day to seize. The cool air is just a little crisp for his taking, luckily it was meant to warm up, but he kept his … More The Trolley Boy

Call Me Crazy

The first time my darkest thoughts and fears were said out loud to a boy, I sat awaiting for my turn to speak, feeling it impossible to keep my mouth shut any longer. As my mind was consumed with the most catastrophic and irrational ideas, my body filled with the rage that had built over … More Call Me Crazy


December has always left her with heartbreak, yet with every passing month, she smiles when she’s able to rip another page off the calendar. It’s another day closer to a winter fantasy, one she spends the year planning for, forgetting how year after year the winter season has brought nothing but storms and blizzards to … More December


I think I loved him more in the moonlight when the stars shined like diamonds. He welcomed me to a celebration at a time I believed naïve was a compliment a time I didn’t know they prey on the most vulnerable on the broken on those with no direction He saw me vulnerable and still … More Celebration


If you were to ask me to describe my 2018, my mind immediately wants to say “messy.” And in all honesty, I don’t view it as self-deprecation, (trust me I do plenty of that offline), but instead as a reality. Messy has become almost a norm for me, my relationships, my finances, my mind. My … More Messy